House Painting

Sometimes it is necessary to change the color of the walls of the house for renovation and sometimes for decoration. It is an indisputable fact that the effect of wall painting, which is one of the most important steps of home decoration, is great. Whatever the reason, the wall colors to choose are the inevitable key to creating a living home. Wall painting stages are important in order to do a perfect painting job and create a pleasant decoration.

So what are they?

No painting around: When painting a wall, preparation is essential!

Preparing the necessary materials for wall painting will make it easier for you while making the process. The materials you need; protective cover, tape, brush and paint roller, nap brush, long roller handle, primer. Before you start the painting process, you should protect the items in the room from being painted. For this, you should either empty the room completely, if you do not have such an opportunity, you should gather all your belongings in the middle of the room and cover them with a protective mat. Of course, paint may drip on the floors. 

To protect the floors, you can work by covering the floors with a rustling cover and fixing them with tape to the skirting boards. So that the sockets and switches in the room are not painted, you need to remove them or frame them with tape. After this preparatory part, you need to repair the imperfect parts of the walls so that the painting you will do is correct. After scraping off any cracks and bumps with the spatula, you should fill the gaps with plaster to get a smooth surface. After the plaster has dried, you should sand the walls and start painting after you have a completely clean surface. After these processes are completed, your walls are ready for painting.

Renew the walls: How to paint a wall?

Without a doubt, wall painting is a fun job for most of us. When starting this fun job, you should first coat with a primer, which will help the walls hold the paint better and increase the durability of the paint. Primer is essential for any wall painting job. If you're going to paint the ceiling, start here. When painting the ceiling, attaching a long handle to the paint roller will make your job easier. It is necessary to wait for the primer to dry before proceeding to the wall painting work. You should not continue the wall painting work before the primer dries, as it will cause fluctuations in the paint. After the primer dries, you can start painting your walls in the color of your choice. When applying wall painting, it is important not to take too much paint on the roller or brush so that there is no difficulty in applying it to the floor. 

Apart from this, another thing you should pay attention to is to use the roller with vertical movements. Since horizontal movements will cause the paint to drip and waste, you can make the right paint application by moving the roller on the wall with vertical movements from top to bottom and then up and down. After completing the first coat of painting, it would be ideal to apply a second coat when the first coat dries in order to correct the remaining imperfections and get the exact color you want. In the last stage, you will have completed the wall painting work by painting the corners and edges, and the parts of the ceiling that connects with the wall, with a short brush.