How Do You Choose Right Painting Contractor

Winter is almost over, spring is on the way. It's time to bring your home-related projects to life. House painting is one of them. There is a lot of work that needs to be done inside or outside of your home. Maybe the brick in your house has a very old look, or it is very dirty, your windows are old and there are some bumps or you want to enliven the interior of your home with a new color. But wait, you do not have the opportunity to do all of these, you need to get professional help. But how? Who can do this job correctly, or which company has the basic expertise to do this job (if you are reading this article, you are one step ahead)

Based on google there are over 200 painting companies in and around Toronto alone. Well, who will do this job in the way and price I want? who should I call?such as the first questions that come to mind. Don't let all these questions make you despair. The purpose of this article is to give you some tips for your painting project. what are these ,let's list

1- First of all, make a budget about the painting project.

Plan your budget before choosing a painting contractor. first determine the scale of your budget.It's important to find a painting contractor that isn't too low but has reasonable fees. A low paying job may cost you more. Or don't pay too much attention to price hunters who hide behind their exorbitantly priced brands with promises that we are the best, we are the biggest company. So what's the best option? Look for a painting company that uses a quality paint and standard painting techniques for a reasonable moderate price

When getting a price quote, it is the best way to compare by getting a written quote from at least three painting companies. In this way, you will have a little idea about the price and you will have the opportunity to compare it with your budget.

2- Search for the most suitable options for you

Actually, searching painting contractors is not difficult on search platforms like google. Google is the best platform to find painting companies near you.

List the contractors you found in this way. Although it is an old method, you will have the opportunity to understand the pros and cons of these companies you have found, face-to-face by phone or email. Before deciding on one of these, determine what you expect. Do your own due diligence without thinking that it is always the best in search engines, whether it is the price, whether they can finish on the date you want, whether they do the work with their own team or have someone else do it as a sub-contract. Comments on companies' past work can also be influential to some extent.

3- Time to contact the painting company

Now you have a list and it's time to talk to them. You can make the interview face-to-face, by phone or by e-mail. Do not forget that the most important reason for dissatisfaction with the Contractors is that the expectations were not asked in the right way.

So let's get to the questions

1-How long have you been in this business?

2-Can you give the contact information of at least three customers you have done before?

3-Is there a WSIB for undesirable situations that may happen to you and your employees?

or is there business insurance against damage that may occur inside or outside the house?

4-Which is the best paint brand to use for me in this project?

5-Who owns the paint and the materials used other than the paint?

6-Are your employees your company's employees or subcontractors?

7-Do you give warranty?

8-How long will it take you to finish?

9- If there are items in your house, who will organize them, will there be an extra price for this?

10-How to deliver when the painting job is finished, placing the items, cleaning

Get at least three quotes

Your questions should be the same for each company. Then compare these offers carefully

Check if some of the things that look like extra are on the to-do list you've done before, this will save you extra costs. In general, what you should look for in a quote is to know exactly what you're paying for.

Make a contract

Make sure that all important information of the company doing the work is included in the contract. such as company name, address, phone numbers, business license

In addition, the contract should clearly state what is included and what is not. Most painting companies will give a written guarantee for the correction of cracking, blistering, flaking etc. that will occur in the short term.

Source: Photo by L. Seibert.