How Much Does Condo Painting Cost?

When considering the cost of painting a condo, to paint your unit is a smart investment that adds to the upkeep and value of your property. The place where you live, the square footage of the apartment , whether the room is furnished or unfurnished, its equipment, the content of the paint on the door, the quality of the materials used and the type of paint are the determining price factors.

Condo Prices 2022

The average cost of painting the interior of an unfurnished condo apartment in 2022 is between;

$1000 and $1800. Paint and paint materials are not included in the prices below.

Estimated painting price for

Bachelor $1000 ( prox 500 sf )

One bedroom $ 1300 (prox 600 sf)

Two bedroom $ 1500 (prox 750 sf )

Three bedroom $ 1800 (prox 900 sf)

For higher ceilings , you can get information from us. The teams will provide you with the right paint brand for your project. If you are unsure of the color options for your bedroom, living room ,bathrooms or kitchen, you should seek advice. Besides, the size of your condo and the paint brand can both move the price up and down. Your wall requires extra cost for an operation that requires additional labor. In addition, the inclusion of doors and ceilings will affect the cost increase. The average size of a condo is 700 square foot . In this case, the price including paint and labor may vary between $1400-$2800. The higher ceiling s the largest space and paint takes longer to complete. Therefore, the cost will be higher.

The estimated cost of painting a higher ceiling condo , including paint and labor, ranges from $1700 to $3200. Most bathrooms are tiled with few surfaces to paint. Therefore, the cost is also low. Having tiles and cabinets in your kitchen can make painting easier and reduce costs. Painting Costs for Unfurnished Condos

Working in an unfurnished house is easier for craftsmen. On the other hand, pulling and fixing the items in the middle of the room without damaging them is a very laborious and time-consuming task. The starting price list envisaged for 2022 is as follows:

• Bachelor $ 1000

• One bedroom $1300

• Two bedrooms $ 1500

• Three bedrooms about $ 1800

Paint and paint materials are not included in these prices. Again, if there are some additions, prices may change due to these reasons.

Condo Painting Type

Although the square footage of some Condos are large or small, the number of rooms may vary. For this, the more walls there are, the more paint is required. It varies according to factors such as wall height, ease of access and surface conditions. Average painting costs vary by room. The price is usually determined by the design and size of the room.