How Much Does Exterior Paint Cost?

If you're not sure what to look for, it might be a little difficult to figure out the cost of painting outside a house. It's a great idea to paint outside your house, improve curb appeal and work to protect your home properly. It can make you feel proud at home, which is always a good feeling. It's really something to come home and feel good about what the outside of your house looks like, instead of getting stuck in some cracks, stripped paint, and mess.

Therefore, there is a lot to consider when calculating the cost of painting outside a house. Everything from hiring professional painters to trying to figure out the cost of outdoor painting per square meter. The aluminum exterior paint can cost you to paint bricks. You can even stop and ask yourself if it's worth paying someone to paint your house. Here we provide you with all the information about how much painters charge and the average cost of painting a house.

Average Completion Time of Exterior Paint 

The question that people often ask is how long it takes to paint the exterior. The size of Toronto houses can vary greatly, but the entire process can be completed between 2 and 5 days for both small and large houses.

Factors that affect the cost of exterior painting

  • Square meter 

  • Number of window 

  • Number of door