Important Points A Professional Painter Should Pay Attention To

There are a few important points to be considered before the paint is whitewashed. Professional painter should pay attention to these.

Matters to be considered while whitewashing your home, office or any other place, you should first know what kind of paint to use.

Points that the painter should pay attention to:

When making a discovery, the painter should first know the floor to be painted, for example, if water-based paint is applied directly to a satin paint floor without applying a primer, spills and swellings occur in the paint in the future.

First things to do before you start whitewashing

If the house is full before the paint and whitewash application is started, all the items in the house should be tidy and covered with a practical cover.

Repair of blisters cracks?

If there is a cracking crack on the surface where the paint will be applied, this area should be thoroughly scraped, repaired by applying at least 2-3 layers of plaster with an interval of one hour after the scraping process and let it dry. Depending on the depth of the blisters, the drying time should be left to the next day. After one day, sandpaper the dried plaster and apply a primer before painting. otherwise, if a primer is not applied, if a direct paint is applied without a primer due to sandpaper dust, this area will be swelled and cracked again in a short time.

Types of paint

Today, there are many types of paints, among which are water-based satin and plastic paints, almost 90% of the houses use water-based satin paint. It is both odorless and healthier than thinner-based satin paints. You should choose and direct the paint suitable for the area to be used.