Paint Colors That Make The Room Look Wider

Everyone desires a larger and more spacious home environment, whether they are renting or in their own home. Making the room of the house look bigger requires serious psychological preparation and planning. Combining walls, furniture, armchairs, accessories and a whole lot of things is not an easy task. Thanks to the perfect steps to be taken in home decoration, you can put an end to your longing for a large room. Forget what you've heard so far and listen to these life-saving tips that make the house look big and big. Here are the wall colors that will make your home look wider.

Furniture and Wall Color Harmony

Creating a spacious area with light colors is generally accepted and correct color choices. Human psychology likes spacious and open spaces due to its passion for natural life. Therefore, if you paint the walls of your house with champagne, cream, papaya, linen, beige colors, you will not regret it.

The situation is a little different for items. We strongly do not recommend white or cream color for furniture. Unusual colors such as brown, which adds a wooden look, and turquoise, which adds ocean air, can also be chosen in furniture. The light color of the furniture, especially the seats, will benefit you more. It is important to note that the items create a harmony among themselves. It is also possible to choose dark colors in wall colors according to the color combination of the furniture.

Location of Furniture

If the cabinets, coffee tables, dining table, TV unit in the houses are chosen correctly both in terms of color and design, they make the space appear much larger. Console, TV unit and dining table are sufficient furniture for an ideal living room. Having a console instead of a cabinet to store dishes and other items in the living room means much more space than high cabinets. In addition, if you are free to drill the walls, you can use them instead of cabinets and consoles by mounting shelves with or without doors on the walls. The choice of wooden models on the shelves adds an acoustic and nostalgic atmosphere to the house.

Chandelier and Light Selection

One of the important steps to show the house wider is light. The lights should not tire the eyes and the lighting should be sufficient. The chandelier should have a modern design rather than being stony and big. It should also be in harmony with the color harmony of the house.

Colors to Make Small Rooms Look Large

Colors that will make small rooms look spacious should be primarily light tones. In addition, floors and ceilings should be light colors. The light color of the floor will make the house appear larger.

  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Sand color
  • Daisy
  • Pastel blue and green
  • Lilac