Renovating Your Home: Get Inspired By A Painting App

The most difficult process in house painting is choosing the right color. Choosing a color is quite difficult. It can be difficult to find the color that is compatible with the furniture, especially. In addition, it is very difficult to know whether the color of your dreams is suitable for your home. Since color change cannot be done frequently, you can get help from house painting applications before renovating the house from various applications.

Even better, these room painting apps are free and Android and Apple compatible. Here are our 5 most popular paint apps available.

1. Color Connect

By Valspar

The app helps you find Valspar paint colors available at Lowe's, ACE or independent retailers. It will also calculate how much paint you need to buy for the area to be painted. You can install the application in different ways. Video, audio and photos can be uploaded. You can also get color advice through consultants.

2. Color Smart

By Behr Mobile

Behr's paint app, you can choose colors by numbers. You can also find your previous colors. It also offers you many different tone and shade colors. It has been seen in the user comments that the color number matches with different colors. Therefore, you should confirm the paint from the market before purchasing.

The app will help you to paint many rooms virtually.-. But it doesn't exactly reflect your home. Do not fully trust it as it is a virtual decoration. It offers the opportunity to save the virtual environment, the wall, the cost, and you can look back.

3. Paint My Place

Paint My Place is the only application that does not belong to the paint company. Therefore, you can reach many colors and paint brands. You can first take a photo of the area you will paint and upload it. You can watch the harmony of the color of the painted wall with your furniture. Also remember that you will have to paint the wall yourself. Therefore, you can do fine painting with a phone or tablet pen. The application is offered for free, but it contains advertisements. That's why it pops up ads for you to upgrade to the paid version.

4. Color Capture

By Benjamin Moore

In practice, there is a situation like this. You can upload color with photo. It will offer you 4 tones different versions of the color in the photo. The application allows you to share it on social media or via e-mail when you are between two colors. In addition, the application received higher scores than other applications. Finally, the screen color and the paint color are different. Many factors such as screen size, phone feature, screen brightness ensure that it does not stay on the wall. Finally, choose the colors taking these into consideration.

5.Color Snap

By Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams's Color Snapsize offers the ability to create a color palette and match with other colors. Among the important features of this application is color matching. Matches the colors in the photo and helps you create a palette. Allows you to save and create palettes. It allows the color to look like not on your wall but on another wall.