The Effect Of Colors On Human

Colors have a great impact on human psychology. In fact, using the colors we encounter in nature on the walls of the house and constantly being exposed to it can cause some problems. This is why interior wall colors are important. The color we love so much can affect it in the long run when exposed to it continuously. For example, even if you like yellow, you should not make an interior wall color. It is also useful to know that the meanings of colors are changing now.


Blue is the most appetizing of all colours. Blue-colored food is very rare in nature. Blue food is repulsive because in ancient times our ancestors learned to avoid poisonous or spoiled food while foraging. Often these foods appeared as blue, purple, or black. During the experiments, when participants were served food with added blue dye, almost all lost their appetite. The interior wall color calms the person and makes it easier to focus. It is the exact color for study rooms.


Red symbolizes concepts such as heat, fire, blood, lust, love, dynamism, power, excitement, perseverance and aggression. It can increase blood pressure and respiration. It has the effect of encouraging people to make quick decisions and increase expectations. Red is a striking color. It makes people hungry. For this reason, it is the indispensable color of dining areas. Red makes people uneasy in rooms and creates tension in the nerves when watched for a long time.


Yellow, bright lemon yellow is the color that tires the eyes the most. The light reflected from this bright color overstimulates the eyes and causes discomfort. At the same time, yellow color accelerates metabolism. If you paint the room bright yellow, you will have a restless child and an irritable nature. Yellow gives a feeling of brightness and warmth when used in small amounts. It symbolizes playfulness, brightness, creativity, sincerity and a relaxed attitude towards life. It is inviting, just like a sunny day. Yellow is like sunlight: you want it there to feel good, but you don't want it to get in your eyes. Yellow is a color that symbolizes the divine presence in many religions.


Brown is the color of realism, plot and system that creates a natural, relaxed and open atmosphere. It leaves an effect of vitality and mobility on people. In one experiment, when the background was turned brown in a museum, visitors visited more places in less time. Brown is the color of the earth, it accelerates the movements of people. It is difficult to sit for a long time in brown, predominant places. This color is used especially in fast-food restaurants as it increases mobility.


It is concerned with harmony, peace, harmony and understanding. It gives confidence. Therefore, it is one of the two colors most preferred by banks in their logos. It is also a soothing color for the bedroom. It is used in large restaurants and kitchens because of its comforting properties. Green comes in association with many concepts, the most powerful and universal of which is nature. Accordingly, it also symbolizes life, youth, renewal, hope and vigor.

Green, different shades of color convey different messages:

  • Dark Green -- coldness, masculinity,  expresses the concepts of conservatism and wealth.
  • Emerald Green -- Immortality.
  • Olive Green -- Peace.
  • Yellowish Green - The last color preferred by consumers.


Orange is associated with warmth, contentment, productivity, and well-being.

Orange is the color most associated with appetite. Orange has a far-reaching allure, without the secrecy of its color.


It is a romantic, calm and peaceful color. It can be used in all areas.


It is chosen and used by mystics, great artists, thinkers, those who guide society with ideas and ideals. Great, deathly and very special loves are the loves of the color purple, from which the color purple constantly emanates. This color provides an inexplicable unity and unity because before this mysterious power there is a purple mist and mist.


Gray used to come to people diplomatically. But now it feels soft, simple and elegant. The reason for this is the change of color tones over time and a feast of colors with different designs.