What Kind Of Wall Paint Should Be Applied To Which Surfaces?

There are many points to consider when choosing a wall paint. The choice of color is of great importance in order to bring the living space to the atmosphere of your dreams. The decision in the choice of paint color is entirely yours; You are free to choose the color that best reflects your style, the most trendy or the most compatible with your furniture. There is nothing wrong with colors and tastes. However, making a wrong choice in the type of paint may result in wasted money and effort. If you are wondering which paint type you should apply to which surface; Here is the wall paint selection guide for all surfaces in the home.

Interior lining requirement

Interior paints used to paint the interior of the house can come in various types and features. You should consider these features when choosing a wall paint. The most used interior paint; They are primer paints that ensure the adhesion of the main paint to the surface and extend the life of the painting process. If you intend to make any changes to interior walls, the first thing to do should be to obtain a silicone-based primer. Primer paints, which reduce the water-absorbing property of the surface, reduce the consumption of the paint to be applied after it, allowing you to save money. When choosing wall paint, you should give priority to paint types that do not harm human and environmental health, and you should stay away from solvent-based paint types.

Paint Types

Paint types are divided into two as interior and exterior. Satin paint, oil paint and acrylic paint are generally known as interior paints. Exterior paints; It takes place in decorations as acrylic paint, silicone paint, elastic paint and grainy paint. These paint types can sometimes differ according to the brands.

Satin paint: These are paints that can be erased and leave a soft texture on the wall. It is important that the wall is smooth.

Acrylic paint: Its other name is plastic paint. The odor emitted by wall paints is rare in plastic paint. It dries fast and is also known as water-based paint.

Oil paint: These paints dry fast after the wall is painted. But the smell of the paint is more than other paint types. Therefore, it is necessary to ventilate the house thoroughly after painting. While painting, the smell is high, but it is not permanent. Its color is the brightest paint.

Silicone paint: should generally be preferred for exterior paints. It is resistant to water, humidity, snow and rain. Water runs off the paint surface.

How to choose wall paint for interior?

Plastic paints are one of the most preferred last layer paints on interiors. Plastic paints that allow the walls to breathe; With its high coverage, it allows you to achieve the most elegant results even on rough surfaces. Plastic paint type stands out with its superior chemical properties as well as unlimited color options. Matte paints, which resemble plastic paint with their appearance and chemical properties, but generally provide more surface painting with less paint consumption, are also preferred at least as often as plastic paints. Water-based glossy paints, which are a paint type suitable for both interior and exterior use, are ideal for walls where there is more human traffic and which need to be cleaned frequently. When choosing interior wall paint, you can choose one of these paint types.

What is the ideal paint type for wet and damp surfaces?

When choosing a wall paint, it is of great importance to act in accordance with the surface characteristics of the wall. Paints without special resistance to moisture; It should not be used in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Because standard wall paints that are constantly exposed to water vapor can cause problems such as spalling, blistering and peeling. Therefore, when painting damp places, you should use paints with heat retention and resistant to moisture and humidity. If you live by the sea or in a climate with high humidity year-round; You can apply moisture and moisture resistant paints to every room of the house.