Exterior House Painting Services

Exterior House Painting Services

Our exterior painting service is serving all over Canada, especially Toronto. If you want to paint the outside of your house, all you have to do is contact our company and get information.

What is Exterior Painting?

Exterior painting is an application known as fine workmanship in construction and giving the building its outer appearance. Exterior paint is as important as interior paints used to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. Apart from its aesthetic appearance, it provides durability to the exterior. The main points to be considered in the selection of exterior paint are the climatic and weather conditions of the building to which the application will be made, and the superficial features of the facade.

For example, paints that are resistant to moisture and water should be chosen for exterior painting of buildings in areas with heavy rainfall. It is very important to ensure the safety of workers in exterior painting application. Because it is a risky application since ladders and scaffolding must be used high from the ground during exterior painting application. Exterior application is done as follows; Before painting, it is necessary to control and prepare the floor to be painted. Then, a primer paint suitable for the floor is applied. Finally, the final layer painting process is carried out according to the preferred color.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Having a great exterior wall requires a series of key steps. As 6IX paint company, we have perfected the painting process. Our company, with its professional painters, follows a series of steps that include quality paints and special techniques in order to perform every exterior painting job at high standards and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Affordable Price Offer

You can contact us via the contact addresses on our site. Our company authorities will offer you the most suitable offer after receiving the necessary information. Cracks in the walls, molds and spills on the surfaces that receive water are the reasons that affect the labor cost. Extra needs such as painting exterior doors and windows and decoration work should be taken into account, and every detail should be specified. You can be sure that we will offer the best quality of workmanship and the most affordable price.

Cleaning Before Exterior Painting

The exterior surfaces of buildings collect all kinds of materials; dust, dirt, mold… In some cases, even algae growth can occur. Working on a dirty surface is tedious and tedious. It is an amateur job. Professional exterior painting requires clean walls. We pressurize the exterior with water to ensure a clean surface and remove residue and dirt.

Filling and Sanding

6IX Paint firm primarily smoothes walls and fills cracks. If a cracked wall is painted without filling, it will result in water absorption, dampening, and swelling of the paint. 


Exterior Painting and Priming

Primer is a must-use for all paint jobs, interior or exterior, and if you're switching to a new colour. If priming is not done in the exterior painting project, you may encounter an ugly surface. 

Our painters move on to the final coat of paint after the primer they apply is thoroughly dry. While doing these operations, it masks the doors, windows and exterior accessories so that they are not affected by paint and debris and remain clean. After painting, if you want doors and windows to be painted, paint them with fine workmanship.