Interior House Painting Services

Interior House Painting Services

Your home deserves the highest quality interior painting service and a flawless surface. If you want to change the general appearance of your home and for perfect service, call 6IX Painting Company! Canada's best painters work with the philosophy of honesty and expert service to achieve a flawless space and make our valued customers happy. Whether you're building a new home, renovating your home or deciding to sell it, we guarantee that we'll deliver incredible results on your walls and provide you with real solutions.

Our team of experts with over 21 years of experience work diligently and carefully to create beautiful homes. All walls are painted with high quality paints and materials, which means that you will enjoy your environment for years to come. Painting the interior of your home can be a tedious and stressful job. Our team makes the painting process as easy and smooth as possible at every step. From the quotation to the preparation stage and the delivery of the project, the interior is under our control. You will be amazed at what even a coat of paint can do to your interior. Whether you want to paint a single room, ceilings or your entire home, we're ready to get started.

Dedicated painters of 6ix paint company are equipped to handle all projects. From remodeling the walls to the topcoat, everything runs smoothly. We work passionately to help make your home a more visually appealing place and exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of finishing the painting job on time, within your budget. After the painting is finished, we leave your house clean so that you can experience the beauty of the place and not bother.

Interior Painting Preparation Stage

Our painters will completely prepare the interior of your home and protect all your belongings. They collect your belongings in the middle of the room and move them away from the walls. They protect it from possible paint splashes by covering it with nylon. They tape the baseboards and lay a blue plastic sheeting on the floor near the wall. If the doors are to be painted, they tape the door handles and locks so that the paint does not come. They put bags under the doors and protect the floors. We are as successful in the masking process as we are in the paint process. 

After taking the necessary precautions, our painter team fills the holes or cracks in the walls and ceilings with plaster and plaster and sands the surfaces. They also scrape off the spilled area and remove any wallpaper, making the surface smooth so that a clean wall is achieved. Now, the walls are ready for interior painting application.