Popcorn Ceiling Repair and Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Repair and Removal

Popcorn ceiling repair and removal is actually quite difficult. This is because dampening is required to scrape the serrated roof. If your popcorn ceiling is painted, this process may be more difficult. For these processes that take a long time, it is useful to get help from an experienced and experienced team such as 6ix paint company. First of all, to remove the popcorn ceiling, all the materials in the room will be removed or masked. Afterwards, the dampening wall will be scraped with the necessary tools. Briefly, this process is difficult. Our company will leave your home in a perfect, clean and spacious after this process.

Paint to be Used for Popcorn Ceiling

While some applications are required for Repair and Removal of the Popcorn Ceiling, wall paint may also be required. Therefore, in wall paint application; you can use silicone paint, particulate paint, plastic paint. If the wall you are going to paint is the outer surface of a garden or house wall, that is, if you want to paint the outer wall, you should choose a quality paint that is more resistant to wear and tear from such elements. You should not put wallpaper where there is such a wall. You need to calculate the total square meters of the walls or the entire area that you want to paint and shop to measure.

In addition, at this stage, you should decide on a color and tones of that color according to the accessories and furniture used in the area. Another important point is the quality of the paint you will use. Choosing one of the reliable and quality brands when purchasing paint will minimize the possible negative effects. If you don't want the floors to get dirty during the painting process, you should definitely use nylon tarpaulin and masking tape. But painting the Popcorn ceiling will complicate the removal process in the future. That's why you should think twice before painting.

Ceiling Painting Process

After the Repair and Removal of the Popcorn Ceiling, before you start the painting process, you need to prepare the environment and bring it to the right place for painting. For this, you should remove items that may have been damaged by paint, for example. In order not to damage the floor covering, you should spread the nylon canvas you provide to cover the entire floor and cover the areas that need protection such as skirting boards, sockets, wall lighting with masking tape. If the rough and toothed surface is damaged, you should first repair the area by filling it with a suitable material such as putty or plaster. 

After the material you have applied dries, you can sand the surface to smooth it or leave it as it is since it is already a Popcorn wall. After the renovation, you should thin the paint with a thinner suitable for the type of paint you purchased. After applying one coat of paint with a roller or brush suitable for the wall, you should wait for that coat to dry before applying the second coat of paint. You should pay attention to the drying time of the paint between coats. Once the topcoat is dry, you can remove the protection you have applied to the floor and other points.

What to Do in Popcorn Ceiling Repair and Removal Process

First of all, you should get support from an expert among the things to be done in the process of repair and removal of the popcorn ceiling. Fasarite or mineral plastered surfaces are a bit difficult to paint as they are toothed. However, for those who know the technology of the job, the application can be even easier. However, you can have these procedures done by a professional person. The most correct address is 6ix painting company.