Wallpaper Installation and Removal

Wallpaper Installation and Removal

If you have old wallpaper that is outdated in your home, you will most likely want to cover it up with a magic paintbrush! The problem is that removing wallpaper can be extremely time consuming and annoying. If your wallpaper is curling around corners or seams, it's likely that the adhesive will come off easily. 

After removing the wallpaper, there are several vital steps to achieve great results in interior painting work. Painters of 6ix paint company carefully remove the wallpaper and scrape the remaining glue residue to clean it. They prime the walls with an oil-based primer to seal off any remaining glue residue. Otherwise, the latex will react with the paint, which will produce undesirable results on the wall. Then they proceed to drywall and sanding application to have a smooth wall texture.

It is also possible to paint the wallpaper. It may be the last option if the existing wallpaper is in really great condition and the paper hasn't lifted from the edges. In this case you will need to use drywall mud. We don't use this method much, as its long-term durability is somewhat questionable.

Wallpaper installation

Due to their stylish patterns and rich options, wallpapers become one of the indispensable parts of home decoration. The fact that it can be easily applied to the wall also increases the preferability of the product. If you want to create a more active atmosphere in interior decoration, you can also consider the option of wallpaper. However, in order for the application phase to be of good quality, the wall must be smooth and well prepared for the process.

What are the tricks of applying wallpaper on a rough wall?

Although the wallpaper has very satisfactory features in terms of quality and lifetime, you should know that the detail that provides all these requires the correct application of the product. First of all, the surface must be clean and flat. So how to apply wallpaper on rough wall?

If the wall on which you will apply is rough, you must make the wall smooth with plaster before the process. Otherwise, blistering may occur in the paper in the short term. This shortens the life of the wallpaper. Wallpaper application on the rough wall will be very short-term. When applying wallpaper it must be properly pasted. Particular attention should be paid to the beginning of the pan and the baseboards. You can get help from 6ix paint company for these processes. Reasonable price, quality service, delivery in a short time is the only address 6ix.