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With our experienced paint and whitewash team, we do all kinds of paint and whitewash applications by giving importance to your thoughts and ideas. We are a talented team that does its job meticulously by following all application rules. By adopting the customer-oriented working principle, Cityplace Painter tries to do the most appropriate and most natural thing for our customers. We are a team that helps you in most matters, especially your paint and whitewash needs. In line with these purposes, we offer our customers the most suitable material, workmanship and price offer based on our experience. In Cityplace Paint service, quality materials and quality workmanship are our most important conditions in all works. You can also get instant information and price by calling us for all kinds of paint and whitewashing works.

With Cityplace Painter's Service, we shape your home, workplace, in interior painting, walls, ceilings, plaster, wall repair and many other areas, as you wish.

Painting a house is a job that homeowners think is easy to do on their own by acquiring paints and brushes. However, the house painting process is not as easy as it seems. It is very important to pay attention to the subtleties and know the tricks. Let's not forget that a well-done paint and whitewash job is only possible with the use of quality materials in skillful hands. Without wasting your time, energy or money, you can easily contact the Cityplace Painter Service and get detailed information, and you can reach an agreement with a reliable and talented painter, whom you will entrust the renovation of your home with.

The easiest and least costly way to create change in homes and workplaces is to change their color. Determining the condition of the surface to be painted before starting the paint is one of the most correct actions to take. If there is an insulation-related problem such as mold and moisture on the surface, this problem should be eliminated first. After the swollen and spilled spots are cleaned, putty repairs should be made. After the surface is smoothed with sandpaper and primed, painting can be started. We recommend at least two coats of paint to achieve the desired look. Ceilings should be painted first, and then the walls.

The tools to be painted are carefully selected according to criteria such as the condition of the surface to be painted, the type of paint, and the easiest way to apply. There are basically 3 types of wall painting techniques: It is in the form of roller, brush and gun application. The most common and most applied painting technique in indoor applications is to paint all surfaces with a roller, and to use a brush at the points where the roller cannot reach. In very large and comfortable areas, professional application guns allow us to save both time and labor.

How to choose the right paint for beautiful walls?

Choosing the right paint color when renovating your walls is the most important factor in achieving the look you want, but the importance of getting the paint right cannot be overlooked. One wrong move can completely change or even spoil the look of your space.

Matte and flat matte emulsion, with its smooth and velvety texture, is a type of paint suitable for most interior walls.

1. Matte / flat matte emulsion

Matte and flat matte emulsion, with its smooth and velvety texture, is a well-suited paint for most interior walls. The smoothness of the matte emulsion is the perfect choice to hide wall imperfections. The flat matte emulsion is even more velvety and is a slightly chalky paint type ideal for modern decorating schemes.

2. Satin Paint

Satin paint is the brightest among wall paints. It is a paint that can be easily cleaned by wiping. Thanks to this feature, it is the right choice for heavily used areas such as kitchens and hallways.

When we use this paint, we have to make sure that your surface is completely smooth before applying, as the roughness on our walls can be easily noticed.

3. Soft glossy paint

Although not as glossy as satin paint, soft gloss paint is somewhere between matte and satin. Ideal for walls and ceilings, this paint provides good coverage, opacity and a slight shine.

Not only is this low gloss paint option durable, it's waterproof making it a great choice for woodworking as well as kitchen and bathroom walls.

4. Water based eggshell paint

Eggshell paint is only used on interior wood and metal surfaces. With its durability, it is an excellent choice for surfaces that are subject to a lot of wear and tear, especially window frames and windowsills.

5. Indian tree paint

Shinier than eggshell, Indian wood is a great choice if you want a higher gloss paint and is excellent at removing imperfections. Like eggshell paint, Indian wood paint is only used on interior wood and metal surfaces.

6. Glossy paint

Gloss paint, which is the best choice for wood indoors and outdoors, is a medium to high gloss paint type called full gloss. Both glosses give a mirror effect to wooden surfaces and are a paint used indoors and outdoors to highlight any design element. This paint also has the feature of being wiped. Choose water-based glossy paints for interior projects, and oil-based paints will be the right choice for exterior paint jobs.

Important Tip

For a striking and extraordinary look, you should use matte and satin paint alternatives to create a striped wall. You can also choose different paints of the same color for a small effect. Now we are ready for the paint process. The only thing you need for a color change in your home is a professional painter who will perform the right application, which is as important as the properties, covering and performance of the paint.

Is the primer applied before the paint-whitewashed?

In some cases, priming is required before painting. If there are holes or cracks on the wall and these points were repaired with the help of plaster, but if the color you are going to whitewash does not cover this area, it is also useful to use a primer.

What are the advantages of priming the wall?

It ensures that the wall to be painted becomes smoother.

It provides better coverage of the old paint color. (Especially if the color of the paint made in the past period is dark and the new paint is light in color, it would be good to prime.)

In addition, the paint holds better on the primed wall. For this reason, if the paint is needed, the primer is applied before the paint is applied once.

When the paint application is started on the primed wall, we can perform the painting process with less paint.

Why Should You Prefer Cityplace Paint Service?

Saving time is one of the first reasons why you should not choose to paint your house with our own means instead of having it painted by professional teams. If you paint your house yourself, it will take longer than normal conditions and will give negative results. For this reason, as Cityplace Paint Service, we can paint your walls both in the cleanest and in the shortest time with our expert teams in the most accurate way, and we can achieve the appearance you want. It is very important to use the most accurate painting equipment and painting techniques for a wall painting job to progress much faster. For a wall painting job that will be done every 5 to 7 years on average, you can make maximum use of the paint and Cityplace Paint painter with an affordable budget, instead of spending extra and investing in ladders, professional spray tools, brushes, long poles and awnings.